Posted on Apr 8, 2019

Scott Keever SEO

Scott Keever SEO is one of the foremost SEO services and internet marketing firms based out of Miami, Florida which offers Web design, local SEO, social media and reputation management services. Our singular focus is on helping small firms improve their visibility online and turning their website into a source of steady revenue to enable them to compete against their larger rivals. We have now expanded to providing our services in Edgewater.
Our attention is not just to improve a brand’s search rankings but rather our focus is on how small firms can grow their business using a holistic and clever SEO approach. We manage the website and online presence of a business in such a way that it sees steady improvement in search rankings, sales and enjoys a better brand recognition. So essentially, what we provide is an effective digital marketing strategy which is an indispensable tool in today’s online world to provide value which is far greater than what you pay.
The man running the show is Scott Keever, who is an SEO expert and possesses good expertise of SEO marketing techniques and a vast experience of working in different marketing roles in a Fortune 100 company before starting out on his own. He also holds the position of a Google certified partner
We don’t make tall claims nor do we offer any tricks and shortcuts. We rely on established marketing tactics to ensure your brand is right at the top in terms of visibility and recognition.
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